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Uber vs lyft

Uber vs lyft

Uber and Lyft are two popular ride-hailing services available in many major cities. Both these services can be used via a smartphone. Once you have signed up for an account of Uber or Lyft, all you have to do is download the app and submit a trip request. The key difference between Uber and Lyft is that Lyft offers lower prices and is friendlier, whereas Uber offers a lot of vehicle options and is better with innovation.

Let us take a closer look at both these ridesharing companies and see what they have to offer. Overview and Key Difference 2. Similarities Between Uber and Lyft 5. Uber was launched in San Francisco, California.

It operates globally in many cities. If you want to use the services of Uber as a passenger, you will first need to sign up and create an account. After you have registered, you can download and install the application on your Android, iPhone or Windows Phone.

After you have created the account and installed the application, you will need to launch the app. Once you have logged in, you will need to set up a preferred payment method which can be a PayPal account or a valid credit card. You will be charged from this payment method when you ride. To use Uber service, you will only need to open the application and make sure you are at your pick up location.

You can then select the car service that you desire from the options provided and tap on the set pick up location and confirm by tapping on the Tap to request.

Passengers going along the same route can share rides. UberX — A budget option where an everyday car that can fit in 4 people will come and pick you up.

Uber vs. Lyft: Which Ride-Hailing App Is Better?

Lyft is based in San Francisco and is a network transportation company. Lyft operates in over US cities and provides over 18 million rides a month Oct Users will need to download the Lyft mobile app and signup with a valid phone number and enter the payment form they want to make.

Then users can request for a ride from a nearby driver. After confirmation, the app will show the drivers name, rating, and photo of the driver and the car. Driver and passengers can also add personal information like music preferences to encourage conversation during the ride. After the ride, the rider will have the opportunity to provide a gratuity which will also be billed with the riders preferred payment method.

There are four types of rides that are provided by the application. Lyft — This is the budget option of Lyft where an everyday car with room for 4 passengers comes to get you.

Lyft Plus — This offers a regular vehicle with room for up to 6 passengers. Lyft Premier — This offers higher quality vehicles than other Lyft options. This includes seating up to 4 passengers.Subscriber Account active since. If you told me a year ago that I would now be a part-time driver for Uber and LyftI wouldn't have believed you.

The idea sounded wild. Driving around strangers in my car? Are you serious? What if the people are weird or super drunk? Is it even safe? No way. There will be too much wear and tear. I hate driving in traffic. I'll end up too far from home. The long hours will get to me. Well, my wedding is two months away.

We work our tails off at our jobs, but unfortunately that is still not enough to save up properly for a wedding. Something had to happen. That's how I found myself, months ago, at 26 years old, signing up for both Uber and Lyft, muttering to myself, "Driving around strangers in my car?

Related: 9 easy ways to make money using your car. That sign-up process was months ago, and I have since given hundreds of rides around the streets of South Florida, picking up passengers and transporting them to their destinations safely, like a modern-day Clark Kent ride-hailing superhero.

After all these months and hundreds of rides, I've finally formed my opinion on the No. Most people think there's not much difference between the two. You pick people up, you drive them, and you drop them off.

What more to it could there be? Surprisingly, a lot. Both platforms have their pros and both have their cons, but one platform is clearly superior to the other. When it came time to physically sign up for each platform, Lyft was easier. Much easier — to the point of being almost too easy.

Both were about the same process: You enter your information, wait for the subsequent background check to clear, upload all the paperwork they ask for, and then you wait. Lyft approved my account for driving within a few days, almost a full week before Uber did. It almost made me worry if something was wrong with my Uber account, or if I had messed something up.

I reached out to Uber support before my final approval, just to make sure everything was OK, and I was reassured that their onboarding process is extremely thorough, and they were simply going through their standard procedures. Read more: 50 once beloved cars that have been discontinued. Once approved, Lyft and Uber both asked me to upload a picture of my vehicle registration.

Uber took almost a day to process. Lyft accepted my paperwork within minutes. This led me to believe that with Lyft, this process is automated via computer and not by a person, which could lead to the possibility of other drivers submitting fraudulent paperwork. Neither company physically inspected my vehicle, and neither company asked me to take photos of my vehicle.

This shocked me. Despite Lyft being quicker than Uber, I feel that Uber did a better job of vetting me before it approved my account. As an Uber passenger, I want to know that my driver is a safe person and their vehicle is properly registered and insured.

For safety and security reasons, I think taking longer is the better option.Sometimes it safer or more convenient to leave the driving and traffic headaches to someone else. This thought is what grew into Uber Technologies Inc. In a race to the finish line, both companies filed documentation for initial public offering IPO on the same day. These two taxi alternative services may seem interchangeable, but there are differences between the two largest transportation network services in the United States.


Lyft operates in the United States and Canada. They set specific requirements on the vehicles used by drivers and have several different categories or levels of service. The Lyft app and dashboard Amp notify passengers of the driver's arrival and give the passenger an estimated cost in advance. Uber also sets vehicle requirements and lists several different categories of service.

The Uber app helps passenger and driver find one another and estimates the cost of the ride in advance. Lyft Inc. LYFT was launched as a service in Zimride, a peer-to-peer rideshare matchmaker for people looking to carpool long distances securely, was sold so that the duo could focus on Lyft.

Green is currently chief executive, and Zimmer is the company's president. On Dec. Lyft might have gained market share from Uber as a result of several controversiesmany of which took place in the months leading up to the IPO announcement.

The company set a minimum vehicle requirement, and the drivers must pass two background checks before approval with the company.

Automobiles must be at least a or newer model year, have four doors, without damage to the body, and a fully functional air conditioning system, among other requirements. Lyft offers several service classes, which vary by city. According to a study by "Money. The fee for service varies by city and the class or category of vehicle service chosen.

Fees have a base charge for each ride and additional calculations for total miles traveled and the minutes of travel time. Also, prime-time service will increase the base price. Any passenger changes to a ride, once it is underway, will affect the total price.

Customers pay through the company's smartphone app. Lyft originally identified its vehicles with furry pink mustaches on the front—called carstashes—but it now uses a more subtle system called the Amp. Waiting passengers get notification of the Amp color in the Lyft app, which is especially helpful when getting a ride after dark or when leaving a venue where everyone is using a rideshare app to get home.Although ridesharing looks far less appealing in the midst of a pandemic than in better circumstances, it remains a useful way to move around without having to own a car, hail a cab, or read a bus schedule.

Uber and Lyft are the two main players in this space. While there are other ridesharing appsUber and Lyft command the greatest chunk of the market. Uber is still the biggest name in the industry, and Lyft is hot on its heels. A rash of bad publicity for Uber has people considering their alternatives. So which one should you use? Once the app loads, it will drop a pin on your current location.

If the pin is off the mark, you can adjust its position to get an accurate starting point. If you want to be picked up from a different spot, simply enter that address in the text box. The next step is to enter your destination. Like Google Maps, both Uber and Lyft can work with street addresses or points of interest. Both Uber and Lyft will also give you an estimate of how long it will take for your driver to arrive at the designated pickup spot.

You can even do a round trip if you need to. Both provide you with an estimated time of arrival at your final destination, as well as the ability to schedule a pickup for a later time. Uber will begin billing the passenger per minute after just two minutes of wait time.

With Lyft, the ride automatically starts one minute after the driver arrives. While Lyft encourages passengers to ride shotgun, common practice is to sit in the rear passenger seat. Most drivers will not mind if you sit in the front seat as long as you ask. However, you still have some homework.

uber vs lyft

Uber and Lyft drivers also have an opportunity to rate their passengers. This tells other drivers who is a tough customer. Both driver and rider ratings are visible from the moment a ride is requested. Just be respectful and communicative, and the trip will go great. Uber has a broader range of services vehicle types in normal circumstances, though the list varies from city to city.

As you can see, pricing is slightly different between the two apps. While Lyft has the lower cost per minute, it has the higher cost per mile.

Sitting in traffic — a rite of passage in LA — is going to cost you more in an Uber. The story is similar in other cities, so take these factors into account when requesting a ride.

The apps do not factor in traffic well; they only use average traffic conditions to determine the rate you see. When an area gets busy, surge pricing kicks in.

uber vs lyft

Lyft riders, however, may have the opportunity to walk outside the heat map and return to normal rates. So which is cheaper? That varies, especially in times of high demand.

However, more often than not Lyft will end up being the cheaper of the two options. Uber and Lyft implemented policies to ensure drivers on their platforms are safe and own a newer vehicle.

This is for your safety. While a background check is required everywhere, as well as proper inspection and registration, in some markets drivers are required to have their cars inspected by a third party.Rideshare services are available in almost every major city in the United States these days, making transportation more accessible than ever. The only decision you need to make is choosing Uber vs. Both Uber and Lyft are strong competitors in the ridesharing industry and have quickly become household names.

On the other hand, Lyft has maintained a far cleaner reputation than Uber, which was plagued with scandal after scandal since the DeleteUber backlash of Beyond these notable differences, the two rideshare giants do offer extremely similar services, particularly in the United States and Canada.

Their customer acquisition marketing strategies are quite similar. When Lyft introduces a new driver promotionUber does the same. When choosing between Uber and Lyft for your next ride, the smaller differences may have a big influence on your decision.

This article will compare Uber vs. Lyft in seven major categories, so you can decide for yourself which rideshare app is for you. The next sections will compare and contrast Uber and Lyft in detail. This is aimed to help vest you with all the important information you need to pick the rideshare app that exactly suits your transportation needs. When taking a look at the battle between Uber and Lyft, one of the biggest factors that set the two services apart is the vehicle options available to passengers.

In many cities across the U. For example, these are direct equivalents that can commonly be found:. Uber caters to businesspeople and professionals and has a broad range of vehicles to choose from.

Since Uber leans towards businesspeople, the drivers are professional, concise, and do the best to simply get you from point A to point B. Lyft drivers tend to be friendly, open to conversation, and more fun than Uber drivers. Lyft riders are encouraged to sit in the front seat and interact with the driver. The Uber driver is going to be dressed a bit more professionally. The driver is going to open the door for you and provide you with a more business-like ride to your destination.

However, while Uber provides an alternative to basically every Lyft service, Lyft does fall a bit short on its service offerings. In addition to highly unique, limited location services like Uber Copter and Uber Car Seat, the company is well-known for its extensive luxury options. This includes Uber Luxwhich takes high-end to a whole new level with Rolls-Royce cars and Maserati models.

Most of these luxury options are also driven by professional drivers who are commercially licensed and highly rated. Uber also offers affordable services that act as slight upgrades between the standard Lyft and Uber tiers. UberWAV is a convenient way to access wheelchair-friendly vehicles through the Uber app. Internationally and in some U. No matter which service you choose on either service, all vehicle types are fully inspected once per year by law in the U.

Uber drivers and Lyft drivers always complete background checks to keep riders as safe as possible. I use Lyft a lot, especially in times of high demand or when there is a driver close by and I need a ride in a hurry.

uber vs lyft

However, I like the selection of vehicles that Uber offers. I have to go with Uber on this one because there are way more types of rides available. Drivers can expect a higher earning potential by becoming an Uber partner since there are more ride options available.Joinsubscribers and get a daily digest of news, geek trivia, and our feature articles. Uber and Lyft are two very similar services. These two services have become more and more similar over the years, but there are still some major differences between them.

These ride-sharing services work in basically the same way. They allow drivers, who are independent contractors and not employees of Uber or Lyft, to pick you up when you book a ride in the app. The same app works in every city, or at least the cities where these services are available.

At the end of the ride, both let you rate your driver and even tip them from the app, if you like. Drivers rate riders on both services, too.

Lyft has cultivated a more playful, driver-friendly image. Uber acquired a take-no-prisoners, combative reputation for the way it expanded into cities that had regulations on the books that would prohibit it, fighting legal and political battles only after launching the service in a city. At this point, though, Uber and Lyft are more similar than they are different.

One driver that only drove for Lyft told us that this is typical of drivers who are driving full time, while others perhaps retirees looking for a bit of extra work often stick with one service.

Both Uber and Lyft screen their drivers in basically the same way. Uber and Lyft use different background check companies, but the criteria for approval can vary based on the state. Competition has driven Lyft and Uber prices down to be largely the same in many areas. There may be a price difference in certain cities, but you can check if yourself using some online tools. Both services charge more during peak, high-demand times. This is designed to encourage drivers to get on the road to perform more pickups at times when there are a lot of people who need rides.

Uber is available in 84 countries around the globe, while Lyft is mostly only been available in the USA. While Uber and Lyft are available in many but not all cities throughout the US, there may be gaps in drive availability. While a large city like San Francisco has a lot of drivers for both Uber and Lyft, smaller cities frequently have more Uber drivers than Lyft drivers, at least in our experience.

Uber is still the bigger name here, and it can show. Both Uber and Lyft offer a more expensive service with high-end black cars and professional drivers. But, again, Uber was the first to launch this level of service.

uber vs lyft

This may explain why Lyft is now growing faster than Uber. In cities with excellent Lyft coverage, that may be enough to motivate you to choose Lyft over Uber. Both services are working on self-driving cars to one day replace those drivers, too. The Best Tech Newsletter Anywhere.

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Uber vs. Lyft

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Uber vs Lyft. Which Rideshare Is #1 and Why?

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