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Pubg quick chat settings

Pubg quick chat settings

Hello guys, we are coming with an exciting fair trick. The mobile setting is essential because many players do not know that they can change setting in the game according to needs and comfort. For enable setting mode, we have to go on setting page. You will see a gear icon and click on that. This is a basic setting page, follow the image for guidance. Because when we have to shoot enemy we can shoot by moving around or here there by chance.

Vehicle setting in PUBG mobile game is not necessary because everyone knows how to drive a car or bike. Haha, that sounds funny, but we know the basic controller of the vehicle and it cannot affect your pubg scores.

Special Note: You can knock out a player by driving the vehicle over enemy or opponent. This will also increase points, as a result, your career result will be better day by day. Sensitivity setting in the pubg mobile game is how much softness you want?

You can set it to the medium level so you will get more precise experience. Warning- Manipulating this setting can cause your game in fast or extremely slow mode. Pick setting in PUBG mobile game is essential. While playing we need to pick other weapons manually. But with this pick-up trick, you can directly change the setting and set to auto pick up. For this go to setting gear icon scroll down and look for the pick-up tab.

Quick chat setting is useful for communicating with friends while playing pubg and this helps loads faster and increases your points in squad or duo mode. He is currently pursuing Engineering. Enthusiastic in learning latest trends and technology. He loves blogging and singing. A introvert trying to become extrovert.In PUBG, voice commands are a very significant part of the game as they help you to communicate with your teammates without using your mic.

Suppose, there are some issues with your mic and you are not able to communicate with your teammates using your voice. For such situations use of quick chat, voice commands can be a way to success.

By default, there are very few voice commands available for you to use during the game.

Cara Setting Quick Chat Pubg Mobile Versi Terbaru. Update Pubg Mobile Versi 0.12.0

If you want to add more voice commands in PUBG Mobile then you have to tweak some settings which are no bummer. So, the question is how to add more voice commands in PUBG? Simply, follow the steps given below to change existing voice commands or to add more commands in PUBG. To Add More voice commands or replace the existing commands with newer ones:. To remove default voice simply press Minus.

Once the settings are saved, you can enjoy the benefits of newly added quick voice chat commands. If this post was useful to you then please do share it on facebook with your friends.

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Sign in. Log into your account. Privacy Policy. Password recovery. Monday, October 12, Forgot your password? Get help. How to. Please enter your comment! Please enter your name here. You have entered an incorrect email address!PUBG is becoming popular day by day in many parts of the world.

The director Brenden Greene and Tae- Seok Jang designed this game on the theme of previous mods similar to other games. Introduction of the game. It can be played by players. The plot of the game is very simple. Each player has to land on an island where he has to find the weapons and tools to kill the enemies.

pubg quick chat settings

Further, the players have to safeguard themselves from the continuous aerial and land attacks of the enemies. There is a map in this game which is the safe area. It reduces in the area every time warning the players to protect themselves and survive till the end by standing in that area.

This game released in the year by Microsoft Studios for the Xbox One. Later, the developers introduced the mobile version of PUBG. The plot of PUBG game. This is a stereotyped game where players have to play either solo or duo. They can play PUBG game by making a team of 4 persons.

The person who survives until the end is the winner of the game. There are different maps in PUBG game with areas of 8 x 8 km, 4 x 4 km, and 6 x 6 km. The players have to land on any of these maps from the parachute to start the battle against the enemies. Each path varies from other and the players have to select their convenient paths to land on the island. There are customized options for clothing in the games which the players can choose according to their likes.

Further, the game has many buildings, secluded spots, ghost towns and other places to find armor, weapons, and vehicles. There are large risks in the routes of getting these weapons and equipment. The players are at the risk of being looted and so, they have to fight against the enemies using the powerful weapons. During the whole game, the map area reduces continuously and the player has to make efforts to get into the safe zone.

If the player does not enter the safe zone within the stipulated time, he is eliminated on the spot. The danger areas in the game are shown by red marks.

Each player will get the warning bell to move to a safe place. One round takes 30 minutes in the game. After finishing one round, the players will get in-game currency which they can use to purchase clothes or cosmetic items to enhance their avatar. Nox player has good keypad support, scripts, and gamepad.

It is easy to control the settings of the game.GameWith uses cookies and IP addresses. By using our site you agree to our privacy policy.

Opsi Quick Chat PUBGMobile Terbaik!

Read this PUBG Mobile guide on how to use voice chat, adjusting mic volume, fixing team, world, and mute voice chat settings, and more! Click the "gear" icon on the bottom of your lobby screen to access your settings. The "audio" options can be clicked from the right-hand option bar. While in a match, you can click the mic icon on the upper-right, and choose between "All", "Team" or "Mute" options for voice chat! Enabling team voice chat will greaty increase efficient coordination and collaboration between your squad!

Players should disable their "All" voice chat! Enemies will be able to determine your presence in their vicinity if they hear you talking through your mic! If your mic isn't working even if it's been enabled in a match, check your mobile's settings as the PUBG Mobile app may not be allowed to use the mic.

Apps are arranged alphabetically so scroll down to apps under "P". Upon selecting the PUBG Mobile app settings, you can check if you've enabled the app to use your phone's mic. Be sure to turn it on! If this doesn't fix the mic problem, it may be a hardware or physical issue so it's best to take the unit to the official store.

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Tweet Share. Have some feedback? Click here Your feedbacks will be checked by our staffs and will be attended to accordingly. Reader Comments. Alias Optional Max. Looks like nobody posted here yet Read on. Article Menu. Most Popular. Featured Titles.Ever since it launched for mobile earlier this year, PUBG Mobile has been an absolute sensation with over 50 million downloads on the Play Store.

PUBG Mobile does this automatically, but if you feel like your game is lagging or dropping frames, you can lower it further, and vice-versa. A higher graphics quality setting will definitely make it easier to spot other enemiesbut if your phone starts lagging or dropping frame, make the trade-off and opt for a higher frame-rate instead.

To enable gyroscope, simply head into Settings and then Basic. A spot-on aim will help you take out enemies quicker and will also help in close-quarter-gunfights. This is very handy in scoped shots. This basically means that if your phone starts over-heating, or if the battery gets low, PUBG Mobile will automatically adjust the graphics quality to compensate for it. Landing Spots Choosing the perfect landing spot is very important.

Well, Miramar has a bunch of places you can land in to get the best loot. More loot, high risk: Prison on the south-west edge of the map, on the very corner Campo Militar on the north-east corner of the map 3.

More loot, lower risk School Middle of the map, but often dangerous Severny North of the map Pochinki Middle of the map 3. If you have a 4x or 8x scope, position yourself on the edge of the play zone where the blue circle is the nearest to the white. This will give you a complete view of the play zonewhile vastly reducing the chances that a player might be coming from behind you.

Change Quick Chat Messages Quick chat is a very useful tool in squad games, especially if used correctly. To do this, simply go to Settings and then to Quick Chat. While the stereo-front-firing speakers on your phone may be good enough, put on a pair of headphones. It might not sound like much, but it makes a pretty big difference. Whether you like playing in Miramar, or whether you like the foliage in Erangel, if you really want to be a good player, use the map well. The map is updated with new safe-zones, and red-zones, so keeping a close eye on the map can be helpful.

Plus, if you spot a player, you can risk it and use the cover of the bombing noise to flank them without them being able to hear your footsteps over the commotion. With the latest PUBG Mobile update, you can mute individual team-mates by tapping on the speaker-icon. Now focus on the game. Hide Inside Vehicles Sitting in the co-driver seat of a vehicle keeps it offallowing you to hide inside without alerting other players to your presence.

This is a handy trick that can help you spot enemies without letting them spot you. While healing, you can move for 0. Use Energy Drinks and Painkillers Energy drinks and painkillers auto-heal you for a duration of time, and also give you a speed-boost, so use them often and as needed. The battleground in PUBG always has a bunch of players with snipers, and a lot of these players are good enough to take you out with a single head-shot. So keep moving. Use these tricks in order to get better loot, find the perfect PUBG landing spots, and survive till the very end and get that chicken dinner.

If you come across some more PUBG tricks that you think we should include here, let us know in the comments section below. Where everybody else me have AWP. R u forgetting places to find flare guns???If we often use the default English, now we can change the sound of your mobile pubg player with custom tablets.

A quick chat is a way you communicate with the team. You can ask for help, give directions, and so forth. And after updating to version 0.

pubg quick chat settings

There are more than 50 quick chat sentences that you can choose in the settings. The rest you can enter in the game settings. Ok, now we try to change the chat from English to Korean and Japanese. You can follow this method to make an impression to other players or teammates. You are surprised by how you can.

The concept is that we change the active. Previously you first download the active. In case you want to return to the default quick chat. Then find the file called active.


Copy the file and then save it in a different place. For example the internal folder of your cellphone.

pubg quick chat settings

Here are the files that you must download first to change the language of the voice chat. The size is really small, around 5 kb only. For active.

Once downloaded open the file manager, for example, the results of the download are stored in the download folder. Select the active. Now open the PUBG mobile game, then log in to the game.

Then the voice chat will change to Korean or Japanese as you wish. By using Korean or Japanese quick chat you can express yourself better than your teammates in general in the pubg mobile game. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Sign in. Log into your account. Password recovery. Forgot your password? Get help. Did you know that you can also change the quick chat with Korean or Japanese!


What is quick chat?Pubg Pro Gyaan. In the new update of Pubg mobile 0. This article is about Pubg Mobile Quick Chat settings how you can activate commands that you can give or discuss with your squad.

pubg quick chat settings

Nowadays after the new update so many players having trouble in giving commands to teammates or marking supplies option in game. For that reason I will explain you this in 6 step by step with screenshot. As you can see in our pubg pro gyaan infographic image. You can add more options like "keep quiet" "cover me" "get to the safe zone " So now I will start this because. Start the game now in the home screen you can see the option of settings just click that option. Select the option of Quick Chat in your right column.

You can see it clearly in the screenshot. Now you have to go to discussion for searching for the option of "I Got Supplies" now click that option. In the discussion area you have to find the commands that you want to add in your quick chat option. So in this case we want add "I got supplies" that select that you can see in the left side of the screenshot.

Select the Enter button to activate the option of "I got supplies" you can see it in screenshot in left side. Thanks for reading this article for more future updates please do follow us and comment if it helps you. And if you also need 7. Comment about our regular updates on Pubg Mobile. If you want any queries or any doubt. And tell us if you all like our contents or not. In which topic you want an information comment down I will reply and come with your topic with full defth information.

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