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Angels last mission daebak ep 13

Angels last mission daebak ep 13

People just fall in love and devote their lives for love. A cold-hearted woman meets an immature angel and they get to confront unexpected tragedy and crucial moment.

Lee Yeon Seo is a cynical and arrogant ballerina. Her distrust and arrogance make herself unable to love. She becomes the best ballerina, but she gets to meet an accident and has to give up her dream. Kim Dan is a mischievous angel.

When he ends his duty as an angel on the earth, he gets to cause trouble and has only one last chance to overcome his critical situation to be extinct. And that last chance is to be a Cupid for Yeon Seo, but he despairs that he has to look after such an arrogant Yeon Seo. Meet the community members dedicated to bringing you the subtitles for this channel.

Angelโ€™s Last Mission: Love Episode 13-14

Please encourage them by leaving a comment below! Channel Manager. Manage Followers. About People just fall in love and devote their lives for love. Episodes 32 See all. Shin Hye Sun Main Cast. Lee Dong Gun Main Cast. Kim Bo Mi Main Cast. Do Ji Won Supporting Cast.

angels last mission daebak ep 13

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angels last mission daebak ep 13

Non-Discrimination and Non-Harassment Statement. Location Changed. Switch to XX service.Lee Yeon-seo Shin Hye-sun was a supremely talented and successful ballerina with her family's Fantasia Ballet Company but suffers a devastating accident that leaves her blind. She is bitter and abusive towards her staff, including her loyal secretary and butler, her conniving family, and everyone else. Dan Kim Myung-soo is an optimistic, carefree angel who is always getting into trouble.

In order to return to heaven he is given the seemingly impossible mission of finding true love for Yeon-Seo, but ends up falling for her himself. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. South Korean television series. Romance Fantasy. Korean English. Hui Jang-nim Lovelyee Rocket Dan. Hankookilbo in Korean. Retrieved April 10, Retrieved Hankyung in Korean.

Retrieved April 9, Osen in Korean. Newsis in Korean. MK in Korean. Beff Report in Korean. March 21, News Inside in Korean. Newsen in Korean. Hankook Ilbo in Korean. Retrieved May 24, Naver in Korean. Retrieved May 30, Retrieved June 11, Retrieved June 12, Star Hankookilbo in Korean. Retrieved June 18, Retrieved June 27, Retrieved July 4, Yeon-seo returns home, after her meeting with Kang-woo, and immediately brings Dan into a hug.

Back at the bar, Kang-woo remembers the end of his conversation with Yeon-seo. At first, she thought that he was lying to keep her and Dan apart.

angels last mission daebak ep 13

So Kang-woo slammed his own angel handkerchief on the table. Kang-woo is still thinking about how upset Yeon-seo looked when he leaves. Hoo appears beside him, asking what he plans to do. So he plans to protect Yeon-seo, just as Hoo plans to protect Dan. She turns and walks out on them, leaving Dad ashamed and Mom in tears.

She runs into Luna outside, and begs her to assure her she had nothing to do with hurting Yeon-seo. However, Luna points out that Nina had to feel some kind of relief when Yeon-seo lost her eyesight.

All we did was give you what you desired. Dan is sitting at his desk, trying to search his bible for answers, when Yeon-seo knocks on his door. She finally asks him to lie down with her, wanting to touch him. She pulls him in for a hug, and smiling, he thanks her for never being afraid to show him her weak side.

Choi walks in just then, asking Yeon-seo to allow her to say her goodbyes herself. Yeon-seo steps aside, letting Choi get into her tearful speech. As the board members erupt into whispers, Choi panics and hurries out of the room. This news worries the corps de ballet, but Yeon-seo and Kang-woo ask that they stay patient with them until everything dies down. For now, Kang-woo gives everyone the day off. Before Yeon-seo can head out with Dan, Luna steps in and asks if she can talk to Yeon-seo alone.

The two go onto the stage in the main theater, where Luna drops to her knees and starts rambling her very fake apology. She warns her to watch herself before stalking off. In the practice room, Kang-woo is sulking over a conversation he just had with Dan in the hall. Yeon-seo still takes her day off, spending it with Dan.

Getting an idea, she then drags him over to a shopping center to use the photo booth. The two have a good time finding silly headbands and posing for the camera. Afterwards, Dan marches over to Fantasia and confronts Kang-woo, chiding him for telling Yeon-seo and making her cry. He warns Kang-woo not to tell her about the sacrificial love condition.

Later, Yeon-seo is doing her own research on angel-to-human transformations. Coming up with nothing, she resorts to calling Kang-woo and asking how he did it. Every single moment. Assuming that God is refusing to answer him, he stays up all night writing the same report.

And every single one burns away. He wakes up the next day to a phone call from Yeon-seo โ€” she wants to go out on a real date.Lee Yeon Seo is a girl with a stone heart, and she keeps herself away from love as she thinks nobody is trustworthy.

After the demise of her parents, she becomes heiress, and at the same time, her stubbornness increases, which makes her incapable of love or trust anyone. With time, Lee enhances her skills and becomes a top ballerina, but she has to give up on her dream after a tragic accident. He gets to cause trouble and has one last chance to save himself from punishment.

Yes, his mission is to be cupid for Lee Seo. Will he succeed in it or not? Country: Korean. Release Year: Genres: DramaFantasyRomance. I recomend this dramavery romantic, dramatic, Amazing OST, and the actress Shin Hye Sun did a great job, and I also loved to watch the diferent sides delivered by the caracter Kim Dam.

He was so sweetand Kim Myung soo dis a great job too. Your email address will not be published. View More. Skip to content. Synopsis: Lee Yeon Seo is a girl with a stone heart, and she keeps herself away from love as she thinks nobody is trustworthy. Airs from Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Tags: Most Popular. Ads New Eps Ongoing. Failing in Love View More.This drama has been raising a lot of questions lately, for us and for its characters. However, his head and his heart are telling him that he has to go after the answers himself, no matter where they may take him.

Yeon-seo finds Dan out in the courtyard, and she beams when he waves her over. The couple sit together on a bench, and aware that this is all a dream, Yeon-seo suggests they take photos until they grow old. They do just that, smiling as a newlywed couple, a middle-aged couple, and finally, an old couple. She calls herself crazy for saying that, but in the very next scene, she spends all morning making breakfast for Dan.

Because Dan comes running in with bad news. His expression serious, he tells her that he wants to quit and move out immediately. What is he afraid of?

She blurts out that she knows he likes her, reminding him of the night they went drinking. Dan admits that he did like her but that one or two months of romance is nothing against forever. He tells her to forget his confession, calling it a drunken mistake. Now angry, Yeon-seo yells that he can go ahead and move out then. Chief Jung walks in as Yeon-seo continues that she never wants to see Dan again and then stomps off.

Jung answers instead, informing him that Dan left his phone after resigning. Kang-woo wonders why Dan would leave after making such a big deal about sticking to Yeon-seo. Dan heads toward the church, the only other home he has, but the thought of the angel Noel disappearing makes him turn the other direction.

Hoo watches him leave with a sigh and then panics to see him walking straight toward Kang-woo. Hoo appears before Kang-woo, therefore letting Dan get away unseen. But Kang-woo just moves past him and into the church, irritated to find it empty. Hoo tells him that doubting and guessing will only make things harder for him, and Kang-woo agrees. So while Hoo has his back turned, Kang-woo grabs a candle holder and raises it to swingโ€ฆ And then Hoo turns the candle holder into a flower.

Kang-woo smirks, his suspicions of Hoo being an angel confirmed. Looking down on struggling humans and manipulating them with the snap of your fingers?

Angel's Last Mission-Love

Kang-woo leaves, and Hoo kneels before the cross, asking the deity if Dan can really handle this. At last, Yeon-seo faces Fantasia alongside Kang-woo, who congratulates her on her official return. Nina, at least, looks somewhat guilty. Before practice, Director Choi and Luna show up to make an announcement.

Angel's Last Mission: Love - ๋‹จ ํ•˜๋‚˜์˜ ์‚ฌ๋ž‘ EP13, 14 [Preview]

Eyeing Yeon-seo, Choi points out that Kang-woo is incapable of choosing fairly. To be completely fair, Kang-woo suggests they let the dancers be the judges by having them vote.We rewind a bit, back to when Dan had asked Yeon-seo if she could give up dancing for Fantasia for her own sake. From afar, Kang-woo was hiding amongst the shadows and listening to every word.

Afterwards, he goes out again, walking along a bridge, where Kang-woo has been waiting. Kang-woo pushes Dan against the railing and demands to know what his true intentions are. The two struggle until they go over the railing and into the water. As Kang-woo falls unconscious, Dan finds himself wondering why humans love so foolishly when it only hurts their hearts. He sinks deeper, seeing memories of his younger self also falling into water. He tells them that another man had been drowning, but when he looks back to the riverside, he sees Kang-woo walking away โ€” perfectly fine.

Dan is taken to the hospital to get a bad gash on his arm treated. There, he wonders if Kang-woo overheard his conversation with Yeon-seo.

angels last mission daebak ep 13

But would that really justify how roughly Kang-woo had confronted him? After all, Yeon-seo had tried to kill herself after she lost her eyesight. I like Lee Yeon-seo. I like her so much more than I thought. The doctor โ€” Hoo, of course โ€” watches him leave, concerned. Kang-woo broods at home, watching videos of his lover Seol-hee.

Or is it your heart? The next morning, Nina asks her mom about her old ballet instructor Elena. Director Choi reminds her that Elena was kicked out of Fantasia and that she was a crazy woman who even dunked Nina in water to make her envision the ocean.

Nina sighs, letting the conversation drop. Dan goes into the practice room to watch Yeon-seo dance, worried about all the stress she must be under. She tells Yeon-seo to use it as a bluff when she goes into the company today, rather than resign like Director Choi wants. She tells Yeon-seo to hurry up and announce her resignation to the sponsors. At that, Dan surprises her by making a screeching U-turn. Whoa there, partner; you just got your license! He takes her to the bridge where she once jumped and surprises her further by climbing up onto the railing.

But he just asks her how she felt when she fell into the water that day โ€” was she scared and lonely? He jumps down, and she yells at him for nearly giving her a heart attack.

But after watching her practice this morning, he sees how happy it makes her. Yeon-seo stands before Director Choi, Kang-woo, and all their major sponsors. She looks to Dan for reassurance before bowing and apologizing for her behavior on Fantasia Night. Choi encourages her to resign from her position, but she cuts in that she has no intention of doing that. She wants another chance to prove herself. So Yeon-seo walks over to Lee, worrying Kang-woo.

She knows that snobby sponsors like them are always falling asleep in the theater. And thatshe concludes, is worth their money.

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