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9dpo symptoms

9dpo symptoms

If anyone wants to wait with me I am grateful! Baby dust to all I really hope these symptoms give me that double pink line!!! Comments from original poster 19 Comments from original poster 19 Load more 13 Comment advertisement Comments 78 BabyCentre may earn a commission from shopping links.

Af due friday so fingers crossed doesnt appear. Been feelin sick lots especially wen hav not eaten, eating makes it go away. But who knows. Cd20 random crying, cd21 bfn!!! N then since cd22 very snappy n moody comes n goes lol, so mayb af coming who knows.!!!! Gud luck to us all xxx. When you going to test. I'm 11 dpo and can't wait to test x.

Is that any better never used photo bucket before. According to the app I am 15 dpo, but I believe I ovulated later than it guessed from my discharge. The one thing I do know is I always have very regular periods to the day, and I am now one day late.

Since I didn't stop spotting completely until the 9th I am going to resist the urge to test until the 16th. If I am I am scared I will get a bfn because I may not have enough hormones to detect This was all a fluke lol Husband didn't want to have a child, then the condom slid off and now he's picking out names haha I pray for that bfp!

He said either way he is getting fixed and it would be so nice to have a child together! I already have 2 children from my previous marriage, and he is 34 with none.

9dpo symptoms

Men are so from Mars lol hope you get your double line x. Don't need a bra because the girls are still perky and fuller than they have been since I deflated from breast feeding lol Dropped my kindergartener off at school and put a movie on for my 3 year old followed by an immediate nap with her on the couch- I'm so tired doing nothing!

I am going to test in 2 days I'll be 5 days late by then, but at this point I might as well wait the 7 and make it a week lol Too scared of the bfn over here! This inactive post may not receive community feedback.

We recommend you begin a new post. Add a comment This field is required. Trying after a Miscarriage Activity Badge. This product is displayed based on comments within this post. Please flag if you think our product match is incorrect. Symptom Spotters. See original post. Hi ladies! I am currently 9 dpo and thought I would add my symptoms. Whenever I search I never see the outcomes, so I will post mine either way!

It would be great to have a buddy to pass the time lol dpo none 6 dpo Woke up with massive bloating! Husband made cow noises and teased me in fun ; Swore I felt a faint tingling sensation near left ovary.Oh, and crazy dreams. It was not subtle by any means.

Felt like bursts of electricity going right to my nipple. Breasts still tingling, can't sleep at night, crazy dreams, some abdominal pressure, twinges.

CP moves high, closed and soft at 7 dpo. Backache almost constantly. Mild, bleeding gums when I brushed teeth. Couldn't fall asleep. Woke up in the middle of the night several times, once to go to the bathroom. The second time, my breasts were hurting me so badly that I had to take my bra off. Restless sleep full of dreams.

9 dpo symptoms - promise to give result!

Short fits of nausea. Feel hungry but nothing tastes good. Waiting to test. I think my areolas are larger and maybe darker? Also, poking behind my belly button. Some cramping. I'm a B-cup, so my breasts were never really sore or heavy feeling before.

I've never felt anything like this. Wondering if I might be! Skip to main content. Menu Search Account. Share and vote on pregnancy symptoms. Search form Search. I am rather new at posting on anything like this so bear with me! I am dpo not entirely sure which and I've been having increasingly crazy symptoms. Here's the run down, let me know what you think.After seeing the uro, DH is currently taking lots of supplements and clomid to try to boost his count.

We will have a repeat SA in February to see if it works. We will be doing iui 1 in late June. TTC 1 since May November 8, Transferred two early blasts no frosties. Married August Log in. My account. Baby Registry. The Bump Baby Registry. Getting Pregnant. Sign up for The Bump!

Get weekly updates on baby and your body. Start by selecting which of these best describes you! Trying to Get Pregnant New Discussion. Krissy member. July in Trying to Get Pregnant. I was recently diagnosed with PCOS and have really long cycles.


This is our first cycle trying to conceive and it took 68 days to ovulate. I'm 9 dpo today and I have absolutely no symptoms. I've read so many post that women have symptoms like cramps or sore boobs or implantation bleeding by the 8 or 9 dpo mark. So I'm wondering, is having no symptoms at this point mean it likely did't happen of us this time or is it still possible?

Anyone get a BFP with no symptoms beforehand? I want to stay hopeful simply because I hate the idea that it could be another two to three months before I ovulate again. Thank you.

Report 0 Reply to Post. Re: 9 DPO. Too early or too late for symptoms? July No symptoms other than missed period until I was 5. Then my only symptom was sore boobs for several weeks. Report 0 Reply. Pintobean39 member. I never had any symptoms with my pregnancy until I was about 5 weeks pregnant. At least none of the "pregnancy" symptoms. Increased since of smell, morning sickness, sore boobs, being tired Loading the player Thank you jcsumm0.

I feel a little more at ease and hopeful.We strive to provide you with a high quality community experience. If you feel a message or content violates these standards and would like to request its removal please submit the following information and our moderating team will respond shortly.

Bloated, metallic taste in mouth this morning, af cramps. Not sure what's going on. Just got a serious wave of nausea at the grocery store out of nowhere. It passed pretty quickly though. BFN this morning. I haven't really had any symptoms.

I've had twinges on my lower left side here and there every since 1 dpo. And I can't really say that I have sore boobs but every so often I'll get these pains in my boobs. Other than that nothing else my cm has been dry so I really thought I was out but I got what I thought was a faint positive yesterday evening at 9dpo and 4 bfp today at 10 dpo.

Today I got this Am I ovulating Ff told me I already did but now I have a positive opk and don't know what to think. It still looks lighter than the control line, so it's not quite positive.

Looks close though. They're only positive if the test line is as dark as or darker than the control line, this goes for confirming an hpt result for pregnancy as well, the opk still has to be darker than the control to confirm pregnancy. Actually, opks can pick up hcg In your system! So if I were you, i would take a preg test!

You might be pregnant girly! Good luck and keep me updated!! My symptoms are sore right boob and nipple, dizzy spells on and off all day about 10dpo?

I am constipated also and have been peeing more frequently but I also drink a lot of liquids so that for me is fairly normal. And today and yesterday, I have experienced headaches and nausea. Nothing sure terrible but just slight nausea. Other than that, nothing at all!! Af was due either the 3rd or 4th and it's the 5th and she hasn't shown up yet! Sooo I should be testing soon!DPO days past ovulation is an important topic for any woman who is trying to get pregnant.

At nine days past ovulation, the woman would start to have pregnancy symptoms like nausea. Each woman is different, so they may have some symptoms or none at all. Women who are trying to become pregnant can use this symptom list to see if they are pregnant at 9-DPO. One of the first signs of a pregnancy is your breasts suddenly becoming enlarged or sore.

Although this is also normal before a period, your breasts will feel fuller and heavier than they normally would before your period. They can change immediately, or it may take a few more weeks before your body really starts to show any signs of being pregnant.

You should also look at your areolas to see if you are pregnant. If you are pregnant, the areolas around your nipples will look larger and darker than they normally would.

9 DPO: Nine Days Past Ovulation Symptoms

Mild cramps often occur right after implantation. They will also take place as your uterus changes in size and shape to make room for a baby. Although this is another sign that your period could be on its way, its presence at 9 DPO means that you could be pregnant. Keep in mind that cramping can also be a sign of other problems or a miscarriage. If you have anything more than just mild cramping, make sure to talk about it with your doctor.

When you become pregnant, it causes your levels of the hormone progesterone to suddenly spike. This sudden spike in hormones causes you to feel fatigued and tired for no reason.

If you are suddenly taking more naps and do not have a reason for it, then there is an excellent chance that you could be pregnant. At 9 DPO, your chances of getting a positive pregnancy test are pretty slim. Pregnancy hormones have to be present in your body at a high enough level for the test to read, and this could take a few more days. If you are tired of waiting to find out, you can always try to take a pregnancy test. Some of the earliest tests can spot a pregnancy before your period would normally occur, so there is always a chance that you could end up getting a positive reading within the next few days.

Other women notice that their breasts feel more tender, experience hot flashes and suddenly have to go to the bathroom frequently. Cramping or spotting do not necessarily mean that your period is about to arrive.

Both symptoms can occur during implantation and during the following stages, so they could also be a sign that you are pregnant. If you have severe spotting or cramping during pregnancy, you should always talk to your doctor to make sure that there is nothing seriously wrong with your body. At 9 DPO, the sudden influx of hormones may make you feel like you need to take a nap throughout the day, or you may end up sleeping for 12 or 14 hours a night.

You may notice slight spotting at 9 DPO, and there may be some cramps. If you notice all of these symptoms and none of your normal period symptoms are present, then you could be pregnant. Although these symptoms are a sign that you could be pregnant, they can also be indicators of other things. One of the best ways to tell if you are actually pregnant is by getting a pregnancy test. Many women do not actually realize that thy are pregnant at nine days post ovulation, so they wait until they have missed their period or have taken a pregnancy test to know for sure.

If any of the symptoms that you have are causing you to worry, then schedule a visit with your doctor. Your medical practitioner will be able to tell you if you are pregnant and if you are experiencing normal symptoms. I have a 30 day cycle. Im currently on Cd On Cd 20 and 21 i had some brownish red spotting on and off. Im not too sure when i ovulated cuz i normally ovulater cd 16 or 17, but i did have ovulation pains in my right side for a week before i saw the spotting.

A few days after the spotting i started cramping and i had right ovary cramps, flutters, and some dull aches. Yesterday Cd 24 i had left ovary cramping like way down in my abdomen.Keep me logged in.

9dpo symptoms

Become a member - Sign up. The most common and significant very early signs and symptoms experienced on 9 days past ovulation. The most frequently occurring signs and symptoms experienced by women on 9 days past ovulation regardless of whether they are pregnant or not. The table displays what percentage of all women experience each symptom and it's impact on the probability of pregnancy either positively, negatively or no affect.

Has a statistically significant affect on the probability of pregnancy. Experiencing this symptom increases the likelihood of pregnancy. Experiencing this symptom decreases the likelihood of pregnancy. Does not have a significant affect on the probability of pregnancy. Experiencing this symptom does not increase nor decrease the likelihood of pregnancy. For indepth information on how much a symptom affects the probability of pregnancy, visit the symptom page.

The most significant positive signs and symptoms when comparing pregnant versus non-pregnant women. On 9 days past ovulation, there are no signs or symptoms that show a statistically significant positive impact on the probability of pregnancy. View the most common signs and symptoms below for an understanding of how the most frequently occurring symptoms can impact the likelihood of pregnancy.

9dpo symptoms

The most significant negative signs and symptoms when comparing pregnant versus non-pregnant women. Experiencing these symptoms on 9 days past ovulation decreases the probability of pregnancy. Reading the table : Non-pregnant women experience this symptom 1. Ask your question. Sign up and start tracking. Email address. Toggle navigation Countdown to Pregnancy. Choose day. Understanding the data Has a statistically significant affect on the probability of pregnancy.

Symptom Pregnant As often None. Understanding the data On 9 days past ovulation, there are no signs or symptoms that show a statistically significant positive impact on the probability of pregnancy.

Understanding the data Experiencing these symptoms on 9 days past ovulation decreases the probability of pregnancy. Add comment More You must log in to post a comment.

Select day past ovulation. The most common and significant very early signs and symptoms for each day past ovulation. Ovulation day 1 dpo 2 dpo 3 dpo 4 dpo 5 dpo 6 dpo 7 dpo 8 dpo 9 dpo 10 dpo 11 dpo 12 dpo 13 dpo 14 dpo 15 dpo 16 dpo 17 dpo 18 dpo. Have a medical question?

Simple, trusted and effective.A really delicate subject to talk about, among so many others can be considered the multiple symptoms with which women deal with within the first nine days after the ovulation period.

Usually, a woman that is confronted with this could be two or maybe even three weeks pregnant and could begin to experience early signs and symptoms of pregnancy. It is important to remember that not all women will experience the same symptoms, at the same time.

One of the most common symptom women can expect to find 9 days past ovulation is the tenderness in the breast area. According to specialists, this is perfectly normal, but this is also one of the most common symptoms of pregnancy in the earliest stage.

Some women can even experience a heavier and fuller chest, while others could just be confronted with a bit of tenderness. Still, there are many women who experience such symptoms before their missed period. So, in order not to mistake these for pregnancy symptoms, you should take a closer look at the darker part around the nipple, the areola, which could appear darker in case of pregnancy and larger, so you can use this as a focus point for you.

One of the most common, but difficult to identify, symptoms that could be seen as early as 9 DPO is the fact that women could feel more tired than they usually are. Yes, we know, you already have a busy life and feel tired every day, so you really have to be careful about this particular symptom.

Also extreme fatigue is a sign of early pregnancy because your progesterone level will reach a sky high level which will cause the fatigue. If you experience mild cramping in the pelvic region, this could also indicate possible pregnancy as early as 9 days past ovulation. However, this one is a tricky symptom, as the same cramping could be also a premenstrual sign of impending menstruation.

If you think you may be pregnant as early as 9 days past ovulation, keep the faith until it is time to take a pregnancy test to determine for sure if it is in fact pregnancy causing these bodily changes. If you need help determining when the best time is to take an at-home pregnancy test, try this pregnancy test calculator to help you. Trying to conceive?

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